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    Zvezdara MOJ AVIV Design & build turnkey execution. MORE DETAILS Rakovica CAPITOL PARK Complete design & build - turnkey project / approx. 21,000m2 MORE DETAILS BIG Pančevo CINEMA CINESTAR Complete design & build - turnkey project of 2000m2 cinema , as well as additional 800m2 commercial space. MORE DETAILS Aviv Park Zrenjanin CINESTAR, H&M,
    Complete design & build - turnkey project of 10.000m2 MORE DETAILS
    Shopping Mall Novi Sad CINEPLEXX Turnkey Execution - 3.400m2 MORE DETAILS

    What we can do for you

    We specialize in delivering turnkey projects mainly in the commercial segment, but also in the residenital, as well as any other market where investors require business-class solutions and quality in construction.

    • Construction

      One of our main competencies is construction from the ground-up. Thus, we are committed to delivering both quality and security from day 1 of the project.

    • Finishing Works

      We offer the whole range of services needed to give the building its functions and final look by performing all of the necessary installations and finishing touches.

    • Construction consulting

      Using the experience and knowledge we gathered through our own construction projects we advise others in theirs.

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